Wednesday, February 22, 2012

ArtWorks from 2011 - At a glance !!

Pin It I have been striving to create my style. This is an ongoing process and nothing ever seems to satisfactory. The pics I am posting here are my original works from 2011.

My Day End : The above painting shows how a beautiful woman looks at her day-end. She is busy the entire day taking care of home, family, friends, relatives and pets. Why is she sad at Day-End ? Why does she not look beautiful at Day-End ? Is it the 'busy day' that is making her sad or is there something missing in her Day ?

Better Half : This is self explanatory :)

Mom : Mom at the Tulsi early in the morning

Amma : Mom at the Tulsi early in the morning (B/W)

Silhouette : She appears in a silhouette in his Dream every night. He tries to search her in a pool of people every day. Will you find her ? I ask. I will keep trying !! he says.

Others :

Thanks for stopping by and having a look. Will be back soon with new ones !!

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