Friday, April 13, 2012

Hurray !! I won Emreen's My Memories Giveaway

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Update on Emreen's Giveaway !!

I am delighted to have won the My Memories Digital scrapbooking sofware which was a Giveaway by Emreen for celebrating the completion of her 100 Posts.

Emreen is a very creative artist and blogger. Her blog has cool tutorials and can be visited here

I am already excited about all that I want to do with this scrapbooking software and what a pleasure to have won it !! Anyone interested to learn more about this product, plz visit My Memories website. Here is a quick link My Memories

And I wish many more successful 100s to Emreen and her blog !! And ofcourse many more Giveaways ;-) **winks winks**

Please do watch my blog, I will be back with interesting updates on my scrapbooking experience. Until then you guys have fun and I will meet you later.

many hugs

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Man behind A Woman !!

Pin It I had been thinking of a creative way to thank the One Person who has believed in my creative instincts all this while, untill I stumbled against the 'Men Behind Women' featuring section of 'handmade Europe'. The link goes here ==>  Men Behind Women : handmade Europe

And my search had a full stop !! What better way than to blog it away :-) !!

Having a strong critic at home, Karthik, my hubby :-), well I never really needed another critic. Ha ha must be sounding crazzy, but let me tell u the advantages of it. He hardly gets impressed by any one or anything and once he likes my work, it makes me so confident about my work irrespective of what others feel about them.

Something that I heard couple of days ago, 'if u write for ur drawer, there is always a chance that u may write bad stuff', made me really feel the importance of having a critic right by my side. Its also true that most people have liked all those works that were ''Passed'' by my critic hubby.

Above all, my critic hubby never lets me take up any project without being well prepared, and slowly I am seeing how mature and professional I am growing !!

An organiser and a manager at home : Does it feel creepy ?? :D :D  ha ha ha .... well it did feel creepy at the beginning but thanks heaven I gave it time to really see what gud it cud do to have a strong and organised manager at home, well my hubby again !!  I know that many people feel artists are unorganised people and its true for me, i like being unorganised and love to do things at my pace and when I feel like....but I have also seen the huge advantages of being a well organised artist. It keeps me ahead of time for all my projects, it makes me keep up with deadlines and also prevents any situations of panic. And it also keeps me well prepared for surprise events. So I have started seeing that its more rewarding to be a well organised artist !!

And now to the business part of art !! I guess I would have always remained a hobby artist, had it not been for my hubby. Karthik, my husband, has a instinctive urge towards client facing activities. And that has in many many ways influenced me to think BIG about my art projects.

And to sum it up with a line for Karthik, thankyou my love for believing in me !!

- from Sunayana

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Emreen's wonderful Giveaway on completing 100 Posts !!

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Many congratulations to Emreen on completing 100 Posts.
And here comes a Giveaway from her celebrating this milestone.

She is giving away a Digital Scrapbooking Software worth $40.

And a few simple steps will make you a potential winner. So what are you waiting for, hop on to her blog here

Come lets hurry, the entry ends on 8th April !!

I am going now, see you at the Giveaway !!

luv, Sunayana

Sunday, April 1, 2012

March Creations !!

Pin It After 3 long and tiring weeks, I am finally able to write this post. Below are some of my recent paintings.

Walking Together, Oil on Canvas.

All relations grow strong with time. When the 'I' is replaced with 'WE' in a relationship, it brings an amazing amount of beauty and happiness in life.

Walking Together, Oil on Canvas

Polluted City, Acrylic on Canvas : This painting is an effort to illustrate the ever increasing pollution in cities.

Polluted City, Acrylic on Canvas

Neighbourhood, Acrylic on Canvas : This abstract painting illustrates through colours, the cohesive and adhesive emotions of Indian neighbourhood. Indian neighbourhoods display complex emotions and this is my initial attempt to paint it. This is one of my favourite topics and I hope to come up with more works on it.

Neighbourhood, Acrylic on Canvas

Land of Rising Sun, Oil on Canvas : Landscape depicting Japan using Sushi, chopsticks, seaweed, fish and a hint of the flag.

Land of Rising Sun, Oil on Canvas

This is all I have for this post. I hope u enjoyed the paintings. I will be back soon with new works.

Until then wish you all the very best.

And do leave me a comment, your time and opinion means a lot to me !!

Will love to hear u.....

While you are here, please do put your comments. It would mean a lot to me !!