Thursday, May 24, 2012

Introducing FremdeBlicke !

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Artists, Artlovers and the World,

Hello. Many things in the past weeks kept me away from painting and blogging and I am afraid it might remain so for the next 2 months. An art event is coming up in mid July featuring my works and works of couple more artists from India. I will be doing another post on the other artists and their art works.

This July group exhibiton is the 53rd event in the FremdeBlicke series. The 52nd event is an exhibition titled 'UNNAHBAR NAH' featuring works by Stephanie Straube and will be opening tomorrow, the 25th of May. Any one who is reading this post and is in Munich, I request them to attend the Vernissage tomorrow at 6 PM.

Venue :  Klartext e.V.  
            Augustenstra├če 77
            80333 M├╝nchen

Vernissage is a German term and means the offical opening of an Exhibition. There will be music, food and drinks. For the 53rd event, titled 'Does it make Sense?', a separate post with flyers and a formal invitation, will follow.

Now, coming to FremdeBlicke ! 

I am writing this post particularly to introduce FremdeBlicke.

FremdeBlicke : The Gaze of the Stranger and Gazing at the Strange

Fremdeblicke is a series of art exhibitions started in 2004. Die Fremdeblicke is a german word meaning Foreign Glance. The eyes of an artist see not what others see, everything an artist glances has a foreign view and every glance of an artist is foreign.

What does it mean to me ? Ans : FremdeBlicke is to me - A gallery that dint raise its eyebrow and massage its chin when I said, 'I am an Emerging artist and I wish to show case my work through an exhibition.' And I am sure there are other artists in the list of 51 past exhibitions, who would agree with me. FremdeBlicke doesnot charge to showcase works in Klartext premises.

What am I doing to show my gratitute ? I am doing an fb account and fb page to feature all FremdeBlicke events going forward. A blog is also taking shape but will need some time to go public.

What do I ask from you ? I need your support and the support from your friends and their friends. I need more people to join this facebook account. Please add FremdeBlicke to your fb friendlist. And go ahead and like the FremdeBlicke fb page. There are so many out there who need FremdeBlicke, please lets take FremdeBlicke one step towards them.

Add friend on : FremdeBlicke fb account
Please like : FremdeBlicke fb page

Thankyou and lots of luv and hug


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Voting Request !

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Hi All,

Please vote for my works on  . The website however takes up a little while to retrieve all the paintings and run a slide show. I request all to give it a few minutes to see all my paintings run through the slide show.

This website is in German. For voting, plz click on 'Jetzt Stimme geben'. Jetzt Stimme geben is a German phrase and means Vote Now. This button has a 'tick symbol' and is right on the top of the page just above the painting slide show - u cannot miss it :-). The winner will be decided based on the combined results of audience votes and jury votes.

All other artists works can be found on the 'Die Bewerber' page. Here is a quick link . Bewerber is a german word and means applicant :-).

Each of your votes is precious to me because it takes me a step towards winning. Incase the website doesnot respond due to heavy traffic and you are unable to vote for me, I will keep hoping that you take some time to come back at a later point of time and vote.

I thank all of you in advance. And while you are here, do put in your comments. Your time and effort means a lot to me.

With Luv and Hugs,


Me Showing off :-) !

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As my post title says, yes I am going to showoff....ha ha ha :-)

Well....I am reposting my paintings in this post to participate in 'Show and Tell Saturday #25' and hence linking this post to artists in blogland

No big talking, just paintings and here we go.....

Setting Suns

Cactus City



Walking Together

Collage of 4 artworks

So...I hope you like my work and in case you are curious to see the other works I have made, please visit my fb page SK Art Studio, here is the quick link  SK Art Studio fb page

When you visit my fb page, please take some time to like the page. It would mean a lot to me. Also seeing some comments below will get a BIG smile on my face !

With tons of love and hugs


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Introducing Small Hands Creating Hope

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Post Inspiration :

Pic credit: mama smiles
I havenot seen my grandpa. We lost him to Cancer. My dad fainted right in the cremation grounds after he finished the last rituals. My dad was 18 then. I feel heartbroken to see my dad's eyes when he talks about grandpa :-(

I grew up hearing stories about him. An amazing gardner, a fantastic cook and a children lover, he had the most minimal demands from life. My grandma is still alive. She lived 25 years with him and its now 40 years she has been living without him. Life can sometimes be so cruel. Even today there are tears when she speaks about grandpa !

In 2003, when I met my husband, I learnt that his dad is a Cancer survivor. I am so glad to have him as my FIL because he is the most loving person I have ever seen. My MIL was just 32 when my FIL was diagonised with cancer. My husband and my SIL were kids then. I realize, what an amazingly courageous woman she is, when she sometimes speaks of her experiences. I am very fortunate to have both my parents and both my Parents in Law and I want my children to hop on their knees untill the kids are heavy enough not to be able to do so anymore .... ha ha ha....its lovely to have FAMILY   :-)

My SIL donated her beautiful, thick, gorgeous hair to Cancer cause !

Inspiration for this postMaryanne from mamasmiles who is a Cancer survivor herself. Mary, I wish you loads and loads of healthy years and wish ur grandchildren hop on ur knees too untill u find them too heavy :-D

This event will be celebrated for a month through blog hop. More information can be found on Mary's website listed above.
luv and hugs,

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Life, You cannot intimidate Me !

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Back from a good three weeks vacation. Had a nice time in India with family and friends. A wedding is coming up in the family, so very very excited about it. Summary -- it was a fantastic vacation.

Well, i do have some stuff to make me sad at the moment. I had applied to the AABER Award in Munich. The results were out last night and I DIDNOT make it. Out of 224 applications, 65 applicants got successful and I wish all the very best to all who made it. Any one interested can look up their website AABER Award . U can find them on Facebook too. Very good wishes to Aaber team for the 2012 Award !

So what does this experience mean to me ?  Ans : More hard work !

But I am not giving up. I have come a long way from Engineering to Art and against all ODDS. I am not letting small failures intimidate my spirits now.

So, with all hopes and little sadness, I will meet you here in some time with new pictures and hopefully a new direction.

luv u all and tons of hugs


Will love to hear u.....

While you are here, please do put your comments. It would mean a lot to me !!