Monday, March 5, 2012

2012 - A new direction !!

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2012 has been very different and I had an exciting start !!

Acrylics have taken preference over Oils. The randomness in my brush strokes has increased and I am enjoying the process of painting without thinking :-) !! More than that, I am enjoying the surprise that awaits at the end of my random work. Each day, I see a different perspective, a different image. And very surprisingly, even my viewers agree that they see a different image every time they look at the art.

And the more I work with Acrylics, the more I get inclined towards them. But that doesnt mean I am abandoning Oils. They have been my friends for some time now. So lets begin the tour with Oils first !!

Buddha :

I love painting him, as much as I love crafting him. It fills me with an amazing amount of Peace.

Its an Oil on Canvas. The writing on this Painting reads the Four Nobel Truths by Buddha. The script is Chinese. I donot know the script well enough. So any one who knows the script and thinks, there is a mistake somewhere, is welcome to give suggestions.

The Auspicious 8

Auspicious 8 buddhist symbols (a.k.a. Ashta-mangala) on a Mural background. Oil on Canvas.

Ashtamangala are a sacred suite of Eight Auspicious Signs endemic to a number of Dharmic Traditions such as Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism. The symbols or "symbolic attributes" are yidam and teaching tools. Not only do these attributes, these energetic signatures, point to qualities of enlightened mindstream, but they are the investiture that ornaments these enlightened "qualities". Many cultural enumerations and variations of the Ashtamangala are extant.

Groupings of eight auspicious symbols were originally used in India at ceremonies such as an investiture or coronation of a king. An early grouping of symbols included: throne, swastika, handprint, hooked knot, vase of jewels, water libation flask, pair of fishes, lidded bowl. In Buddhism, these eight symbols of good fortune represent the offerings made by the gods to Shakyamuni Buddha immediately after he gained enlightenment.

Love doesnot care about Time :

Hmm so this is what I was talking about couple of min back. An Acrylic on Canvas. I see new images everytime I look at it.

This is what Bala Manickanathan has to say :

I see a couple dancing in the living room on a snowy evening (with awesome window view) and they don't care about time - Pendulum infront of the fireplace (which symbolize that the clock is ticking). About the horizontal and vertical lines -  "The penetration of the vertical line, just a ray of light coming into your darkness of horizontal line, is the beginning of new life, a new beginning of living life.
PS : Bala is a SAP consultant by profession and a Photographer by choice. His amazing photographs can be seen on Facebook in his account.
This is what Pramod Behera has to say :

Portrait of a Woman, water view, someone working on a field or a carpet...may be more than one person...or may be sunrise n sunset.
Couple of days later, this is what he has to say :
Today in ur painting...i see a man and a woman sitting on a bench at a quiet place. The man is resting his hand on the bench rest and the lady's chunri* is falling behind the bench
*chunri is a part of an Indian attire for women.
PS : Pramod Behera is an MBA graduate and is also a Photographer by interest.
Sunset :

An Acrylic collage on Canvas. This painting is my effort to illustrate the impact of human activities on nature.

This is how Pramod Behera feels about this painting :

I feel blue when i see this painting, its like a fall of an age. There is light but it is not bright depicting dullness, heaviness in ones feelings. The human sapient is letting go of the nature's embrace, seeking relaxation in the artificial world. Nature - Questioning in with-in, where is all the love n kindness, why is all that i see is bloodshed, hatred, discomfort...I better rest(dark star).

 Bleeding SUN :

Another Acrylic on Canvas !! This painting is my effort to illustrate Global Warming. The Sun burning down Earth, slowly each day is illustrated by the use of geometrical shapes and appropriate colours.

I hope you have enjoyed taking this tour. Looking forward to seeing you again. I will be back soon with new paintings. Untill then have a nice time !!

PS : Please respect the Artist's efforts. Do not use my pictures without my knowledge. I will be glad to share, you just need to ask. Thankyou.


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