Monday, March 12, 2012

I dont wish to work hard today !!

Pin It With absolutely no mood for any hardwork, I did this pretty simple glass painting. Materials used are very very common and were picked at shops round the corner. But to my surprise, I wanted to frame this and hang it right in my living room. :-)
I used a simple window glass pane bought at a store just two blocks away from my apartment. The design was picked from a bedsheet my mom had bought from a street vendor in 1997. And I grabbed it when she almost discarded it.

Fevicryl craft glass colours were used. The pack comes with a black liner.

The glass pane was placed neatly over the design and the design was traced out directly using the liner. After the liner dried out, the other glass colours were used to fill. This is how it looks.

I am sorry about the camera flash :-(

Right opposite to this painting, I plan to neatly fold the bedsheet to display the above pattern and nail it on the wall. I would call this set up ' The Sister Works'. I would love a couple of suggestions however. This plan is however still in progress and I will try to post pictures as soon as possible.

PS : Glass colours are water based. Colour blending can be done in glass colours using a wet brush.

Hope to see u around next time too !!

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  1. Hi Sunayana!

    I have never worked with glass colours before. Amazing detail on your artwork!
    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. I didn't realize you were living in Germany! Will you be working in Münster?
    best wishes,


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