Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Man behind A Woman !!

Pin It I had been thinking of a creative way to thank the One Person who has believed in my creative instincts all this while, untill I stumbled against the 'Men Behind Women' featuring section of 'handmade Europe'. The link goes here ==>  Men Behind Women : handmade Europe

And my search had a full stop !! What better way than to blog it away :-) !!

Having a strong critic at home, Karthik, my hubby :-), well I never really needed another critic. Ha ha must be sounding crazzy, but let me tell u the advantages of it. He hardly gets impressed by any one or anything and once he likes my work, it makes me so confident about my work irrespective of what others feel about them.

Something that I heard couple of days ago, 'if u write for ur drawer, there is always a chance that u may write bad stuff', made me really feel the importance of having a critic right by my side. Its also true that most people have liked all those works that were ''Passed'' by my critic hubby.

Above all, my critic hubby never lets me take up any project without being well prepared, and slowly I am seeing how mature and professional I am growing !!

An organiser and a manager at home : Does it feel creepy ?? :D :D  ha ha ha .... well it did feel creepy at the beginning but thanks heaven I gave it time to really see what gud it cud do to have a strong and organised manager at home, well my hubby again !!  I know that many people feel artists are unorganised people and its true for me, i like being unorganised and love to do things at my pace and when I feel like....but I have also seen the huge advantages of being a well organised artist. It keeps me ahead of time for all my projects, it makes me keep up with deadlines and also prevents any situations of panic. And it also keeps me well prepared for surprise events. So I have started seeing that its more rewarding to be a well organised artist !!

And now to the business part of art !! I guess I would have always remained a hobby artist, had it not been for my hubby. Karthik, my husband, has a instinctive urge towards client facing activities. And that has in many many ways influenced me to think BIG about my art projects.

And to sum it up with a line for Karthik, thankyou my love for believing in me !!

- from Sunayana


  1. You guys are in love, even now, the same way you were years ago (before marriage) :). Its really interesting to read what you have written about Karthik. You used to tell me, he has some special charisma, aura that draws you to him and I still see the same spark. You guys rock :)

    1. lovely girl Sahana, thank u so much for the msg and ofcourse after all those late night girly gossips, who else will understand this post better than u :-)

  2. Hi Sunayana,

    believe it or not 50% of my time goes toward marketing related stuff! Of course I'd rather be crafting, but PR and marketing is so important especially if selling online!
    Best wishes for all your artistic endeavours :)

    1. Hi Duni,

      Thanks, yes I completely agree, 50 % time goes towards marketing which I would prefer putting in creating :-) .

  3. I have a similar relationship with my spouse. We always critique eachothers art and it always comes out much better in the end.

    1. Yes ofcourse !! Its a bless to have a critique right besides you all the time :-). Thanks for your visit and the msg :-).


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