Friday, April 13, 2012

Hurray !! I won Emreen's My Memories Giveaway

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Update on Emreen's Giveaway !!

I am delighted to have won the My Memories Digital scrapbooking sofware which was a Giveaway by Emreen for celebrating the completion of her 100 Posts.

Emreen is a very creative artist and blogger. Her blog has cool tutorials and can be visited here

I am already excited about all that I want to do with this scrapbooking software and what a pleasure to have won it !! Anyone interested to learn more about this product, plz visit My Memories website. Here is a quick link My Memories

And I wish many more successful 100s to Emreen and her blog !! And ofcourse many more Giveaways ;-) **winks winks**

Please do watch my blog, I will be back with interesting updates on my scrapbooking experience. Until then you guys have fun and I will meet you later.

many hugs

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  1. Dear Sunayana,

    congratulations on the win!! And thank you for the hugs :)
    Looking forward to seeing what you will create with the digikit!


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