Friday, June 8, 2012

When I started painting !

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I started painting seriously after I met Mrs. Sarita Singh. She is a very senior artist with a BFA, MFA from Banaras Hindu University, loads and loads of experience and a lovely lovely heart. I will post about her and her paintings shortly !

It was my first experience with oils and I still remember my excitement when I did a human face for the first time. There was no stopping after that.

I painted a lot of women before getting attracted to more abstract compositions. Below are pictures of some of the initial works. These will always remain close to my heart because this was my stepping stone for my much desired Artist career.

Off to pictures now.....sorry for the image quality !


While I am working on the my next set of paintings, I wish you all have fun and I will see you sometime soon.

luv and hugs


  1. Beautiful Sunayana, You paint the inherent beauty of a woman with so much precision. I am curious to see your abstract art as well.

    -Sahana Huber-Indaje

  2. wonderful Sunanya...clean renderings! keep it up!

  3. Lovely my dear friend! So proud to have shared work space with you! My personal fav in the paintings above is the third one ...what eyes! :)

  4. Sunayana madam

    Great art work featuring Indian Woman. Excellent paintings.

    Sunayana madam these are some messages which i shared in my Heritage of India blog with the theme of Indian woman.


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