Thursday, May 24, 2012

Introducing FremdeBlicke !

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Artists, Artlovers and the World,

Hello. Many things in the past weeks kept me away from painting and blogging and I am afraid it might remain so for the next 2 months. An art event is coming up in mid July featuring my works and works of couple more artists from India. I will be doing another post on the other artists and their art works.

This July group exhibiton is the 53rd event in the FremdeBlicke series. The 52nd event is an exhibition titled 'UNNAHBAR NAH' featuring works by Stephanie Straube and will be opening tomorrow, the 25th of May. Any one who is reading this post and is in Munich, I request them to attend the Vernissage tomorrow at 6 PM.

Venue :  Klartext e.V.  
            Augustenstraße 77
            80333 München

Vernissage is a German term and means the offical opening of an Exhibition. There will be music, food and drinks. For the 53rd event, titled 'Does it make Sense?', a separate post with flyers and a formal invitation, will follow.

Now, coming to FremdeBlicke ! 

I am writing this post particularly to introduce FremdeBlicke.

FremdeBlicke : The Gaze of the Stranger and Gazing at the Strange

Fremdeblicke is a series of art exhibitions started in 2004. Die Fremdeblicke is a german word meaning Foreign Glance. The eyes of an artist see not what others see, everything an artist glances has a foreign view and every glance of an artist is foreign.

What does it mean to me ? Ans : FremdeBlicke is to me - A gallery that dint raise its eyebrow and massage its chin when I said, 'I am an Emerging artist and I wish to show case my work through an exhibition.' And I am sure there are other artists in the list of 51 past exhibitions, who would agree with me. FremdeBlicke doesnot charge to showcase works in Klartext premises.

What am I doing to show my gratitute ? I am doing an fb account and fb page to feature all FremdeBlicke events going forward. A blog is also taking shape but will need some time to go public.

What do I ask from you ? I need your support and the support from your friends and their friends. I need more people to join this facebook account. Please add FremdeBlicke to your fb friendlist. And go ahead and like the FremdeBlicke fb page. There are so many out there who need FremdeBlicke, please lets take FremdeBlicke one step towards them.

Add friend on : FremdeBlicke fb account
Please like : FremdeBlicke fb page

Thankyou and lots of luv and hug


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