Thursday, August 23, 2012

Anime Character - Indian Bride

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Hi guys....

yeap its me.....i know i know....sorry.....but i was too disturbed and confused to complete any of my art works to put up a post here :-(

the more the research, the more is the confusion, desperation and dissappointment......atleast for me thats what happens....but u know me....isnt it....i just DONT give up :-D

well this is not a painting, all of them are still under progress and my brain seems to successfully keep escaping everytime i try to make it up i come with an anime character

yesterday at Geeta's lunch party, which was of course a 'all women' party.....we all had much fun....and many chapters of discussions ;) ... all were sharing with each other their wedding pictures and some fond memories.....and all the weddings seemed different.....what was common though, was the Indian bride and I couldn't keep myself from making this indian bride anime character....i will hopefully be able to come up with more in this variety....i am working on it :-D

Sorry about the patchy look guys......i was sketching at 2 am in the night :-( ..... will be making a coloured copy of this soon with much better shading

okay then my darlings, you guys all have fun and i get back to my sketch pad...looks like i have got some momentum now :-)

luv you all


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