Monday, August 27, 2012

Anime Characters - The Naughty and The Pretty !

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hi guys !

did the post title create some curitosity ? Well this post is about a quite newly married Couple who are ofcourse my friends. I met them just a few times in LU.

Last weekend, after the plans for the party which was I was supposed to host got altered and was replanned to happen at Minu's place, I was kind of pretty relaxed (no cooking makes a woman really happy ;-P ). Laziliy munching at the snacks and the salads, I was gladly looking at all the people and the kids out there. Some were tired and some were hungry.....Karthik as usual had no expressions what so were jumping and having fun.

I spotted Varun, who was having a nice sign language conversation with Garima, his newly wedded wife. Well this is the couple I mentioned a few secs back. So what I see is - Varun naughtily teases Garima. Garima pulls up the girly tantrums making those pretty girly faces and Varun immediately jumps to rescue her pained heart ;-). Then Garima feels comforted and Varun turns to a friend and gives that naughty smile. This made me sketch these anime characters - The Naughty Varun and The Pretty Garima. These are not portrait caricatures. These are just anime characters.

This was a very quickly pulled up sketch and I am now seeing a million flaws. I hope to upload some good artworks in the near future. Sorry guys, if I am disappointing you.

So you guys have fun and I am going to get myself a nice cup of tea. Have a nice week ahead and luv u all. And yes..... if you feel like yelling at me for the bad sketches, don't hesitate to use the comment form.



  1. woww dear.... wt an amazing sketch.. its a beautiful piece of art - beautifully captured n written... iiiii mmmm lovinguggg it :):) u've got such an incredible talent that i ca'nt describe in ds short space ....


  2. that is such a sweet response Garima, thank you so much !


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