Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fate of a Canvas !

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It's not that I am a big fan of  'Mr. Fate' - but sometimes I am forced to believe in it. At times due to superb coincidences :-D and at times due to miserable failures :'-( !

So the past couple of days have been a Rendezvous with Mr. Fate!

This story is about Canvy, poor poor Canvy. I had bought him at Staples back in June' 2006, Staples UK and I am writing about him at Frankfurt in Sep' 2012. So a big halloo to Mr. Fate!

Continuing further - it was a mural that I was trying to dump on Canvy back in 2006 and he absolutely hated the way I worked my hands through the artwork. Well the result is absolutely obvious - Canvy preferred to rest in the bin. OK - So Canvy was destined to land in the art bin.

In July 2012 when I visited India, while clearing the shelves at my IL's place, I was absolutely surprised to see Canvy leaning behind a couple of other Canvases, probably still hating the half done mural at its back :-D. So my FIL had very generously taken it out of the bin and got it packed while we were leaving UK at the end of our 2.5 years stay. Hallo Mr. Fate, you still hanging around ?

So I brought Canvy to Frankfurt where I am currently living. I reworked on it and came up with this below. Canvy seems to be OK with it. So I am hoping that you guys will also be OK :-)

These are two views of the same work, turned up side down. Do let me know what you think. May be I should have taken a picture of the old Canvy, I was too occupied in recreating !

You guys have a fun filled week ahead and I will see you here soon with a new work.

luv & hugs,


  1. Glad appa saved it...you have done a fab job with the piece

    1. Thanks di....i am glad u liked the work and I am glad that appa saved it else this piece would have probably never come to existence :-)

  2. Nice Job sunayana...restored pieces always have more value....all the best. nice blog


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