Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Life, You cannot intimidate Me !

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Back from a good three weeks vacation. Had a nice time in India with family and friends. A wedding is coming up in the family, so very very excited about it. Summary -- it was a fantastic vacation.

Well, i do have some stuff to make me sad at the moment. I had applied to the AABER Award in Munich. The results were out last night and I DIDNOT make it. Out of 224 applications, 65 applicants got successful and I wish all the very best to all who made it. Any one interested can look up their website AABER Award . U can find them on Facebook too. Very good wishes to Aaber team for the 2012 Award !

So what does this experience mean to me ?  Ans : More hard work !

But I am not giving up. I have come a long way from Engineering to Art and against all ODDS. I am not letting small failures intimidate my spirits now.

So, with all hopes and little sadness, I will meet you here in some time with new pictures and hopefully a new direction.

luv u all and tons of hugs



  1. this is not a failure...its just that this forum is not made for you...you have better things to come

  2. It is this spirit that will take you to the place where every stranger will see what you see in art. That day is not too far if you keep this spirit and kindle it with the fuel that comes out of every disappointment that will fail to knock you down. All the best.


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