Thursday, May 3, 2012

Introducing Small Hands Creating Hope

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Pic credit: mama smiles
I havenot seen my grandpa. We lost him to Cancer. My dad fainted right in the cremation grounds after he finished the last rituals. My dad was 18 then. I feel heartbroken to see my dad's eyes when he talks about grandpa :-(

I grew up hearing stories about him. An amazing gardner, a fantastic cook and a children lover, he had the most minimal demands from life. My grandma is still alive. She lived 25 years with him and its now 40 years she has been living without him. Life can sometimes be so cruel. Even today there are tears when she speaks about grandpa !

In 2003, when I met my husband, I learnt that his dad is a Cancer survivor. I am so glad to have him as my FIL because he is the most loving person I have ever seen. My MIL was just 32 when my FIL was diagonised with cancer. My husband and my SIL were kids then. I realize, what an amazingly courageous woman she is, when she sometimes speaks of her experiences. I am very fortunate to have both my parents and both my Parents in Law and I want my children to hop on their knees untill the kids are heavy enough not to be able to do so anymore .... ha ha ha....its lovely to have FAMILY   :-)

My SIL donated her beautiful, thick, gorgeous hair to Cancer cause !

Inspiration for this postMaryanne from mamasmiles who is a Cancer survivor herself. Mary, I wish you loads and loads of healthy years and wish ur grandchildren hop on ur knees too untill u find them too heavy :-D

This event will be celebrated for a month through blog hop. More information can be found on Mary's website listed above.
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  1. Dear Sunayana,
    lovely post and beautiful tribute to your grandpa
    and family. You must miss them, since you are currently living here in Germany.
    My family is spread all over the world and I only get to see them once a year.
    many blessings to you and yours,

  2. Sunayana, cancer is never easy (or any other illness)... but family, friends and LOVE always help us through difficult times. I lost a good friend last year (to cancer) and my mother is currently getting chemotherapy for cancer... but life goes on - the sun still rises, as does the moon. Your grandpa sounded like a wonderful man. Good luck with your career as an artist. I'm sending you good vibes from Canada. xoxo


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