Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Voting Request !

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Hi All,

Please vote for my works on http://www.artgrant.de/project/sunayana-sarangi/  . The website however takes up a little while to retrieve all the paintings and run a slide show. I request all to give it a few minutes to see all my paintings run through the slide show.

This website is in German. For voting, plz click on 'Jetzt Stimme geben'. Jetzt Stimme geben is a German phrase and means Vote Now. This button has a 'tick symbol' and is right on the top of the page just above the painting slide show - u cannot miss it :-). The winner will be decided based on the combined results of audience votes and jury votes.

All other artists works can be found on the 'Die Bewerber' page. Here is a quick link  http://www.artgrant.de/die-bewerber/ . Bewerber is a german word and means applicant :-).

Each of your votes is precious to me because it takes me a step towards winning. Incase the website doesnot respond due to heavy traffic and you are unable to vote for me, I will keep hoping that you take some time to come back at a later point of time and vote.

I thank all of you in advance. And while you are here, do put in your comments. Your time and effort means a lot to me.

With Luv and Hugs,



  1. I would like to thank all who are visiting this page. I am seeing the number of likes and the votes constantly increasing and thats painting a smile on my face. Lots of luv and hugs, Sunayana

  2. hi Sunayana! I may be too late to vote on your beautiful artwork! I am only now noticing the date of your post and already, a few weeks have passed. I visited this link (the one in German) and couldn't find the button i should use to vote for you. I did however, view your artwork. It is fabulous!! I especially love your portraits and couples... VERY nice work. I hope you are well... xoxo


Thankyou for your comments. It means a lot to me !!

Will love to hear u.....

While you are here, please do put your comments. It would mean a lot to me !!